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Best Pole Saw Reviews – Ultimate Buyer Guide 2022

Best Pole Saw 2022:

Maintaining a garden has never been easier as it is now, thanks to the Pole Saw and tree trimmers available in the market. Pole saw, as the name implies is a saw but that which helps you to reach higher grounds without having to climb.
It is a chainsaw in nature with teeth like blades along a guiding bar is attached to a rotating chain.

The chainsaw is attached to a stick or a pole to help you reach the higher branches while you stay firmly on the ground.

When you have to prune a shrub, it is ok to make use of a pruning saw, but when you have a tree whose branches are to be pruned, and then nothing works better than a pole saw. Of course, there is always a chance of using a pruning a tree branch with a ladder. But how safe is that for you? Using the Best pole saw makes the job easier.

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Best Pole Saw For Money 2022:

Ranking Brand & Model Type Cutting Bar Overhead Reach Warranty Price
1 Remington RM1025SPS Electric 10 Inch 10 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
2 Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric 8 Inch 8.7 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
3 Remington RM1025P Electric 10 Inch 10 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
4 BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless 8 Inch Up to 14 Ft Two year Check Price
5 GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Cordless 8 Inch Up to 8 Ft Four year Check Price
6 WORX WG309 Electric 10 Inch Up to 8 Ft Two year Check Price
7 BLACK+DECKER LPP120B Cordless 8 Inch Up to 14 Ft Two year Check Price
8 OREGON PS250-A6 Cordless 8 Inch 10 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
9 Trimmerplus PS720 Gas 8 Inch Up to 12 Ft Two year Check Price
10 Husqvarna 128LDX Gas 1o Inch 9 Ft Two year Check Price
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List of Good Rated Pole Saw:

1. Remington RM1025SPS Pole Saw Reviews:

Reach those extra limbs at ease and chop them using Remington RM1025SPS with absolutely no smokes or fumes. Your yard maintenance is at ease with 2-in-1 detachable pole chainsaw that can reach even those high branches at 10 feet to 15 feet.
RM1025SPS is powered with an 8-amp motor that starts instantly and power through the branches pretty fast. Quickly disconnect the length of tree trimmer with easy flip and lock clamps to cut those downed limps.
2-year limited warranty along 10-inch bar and chain comes attached with Remington.

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Remington RM1025SPS Features:

  • 10 Inch cutting bar
  • 8 Amp motor
  • 2-in-1 detachable pole saw
  • 10 ft to 15ft overhead reach
  • Easy flip and lock clamps
  • Two-year warranty
  • Weight – 11.9 Pounds


  • Anti-rotation pole design is a fantastic feature of Remington RM1025SPS for stable use.
  • The non-slip grip of Remington RM1025SPS gives an added comfort.
  • The 2-in-1 feature of this saw conveniently converts without any tools.


  • The saw needs to be corded while in use since it works on electricity.
  • Though this saw is convenient comparing to the gasoline ones but it demands a little bit of upper body strength.
 Remington RM1025SPS Reviews:

As a detachable pole saw, this is probably easiest of the lot for cutting branches at a height of 10 or 15 ft.

The fact that they are easy to clean and maintain and can be easily detached from the pole, makes it all the more endearing.

The pole is adjustable, which means you can extend or detract it as per the height requirements. In fact, the feature of detachability, gives you the option to cut off the limbs after you take them down from the tree.

The reputation that it is from a brand as renowned as Remington is enough of an assurance. And it is one of the best pole saw available in the market today!

2. Sun Joe SWJ800E Pole Saw Reviews:

1. Description
Sun Joe SWJ800E pole chain saw is the most useful and that can help you to ward off those overgrown branches. Adjusting the telescoping pole to reach up to 15ft of overhead can not only trims those unreachable limbs but helps you to stand safe.
SWJ800E has a strong 6.5-amp motor that lets you the freedom of chopping the most stubborn tree limbs up to 7.5-inches thick.
An auto oiler that keeps the 8-inch Oregon bar and the chain fully lubricated when in use. No smokes nor fumes, this Saw works instantly on electricity with a push of a button.

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Sun Joe SWJ800E Features:

  • 8 Inch cutting bar
  • 6.5 Amp motor
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • 8.7 ft to 15 ft overhead reach
  • 8 inch Oregon cutting bar
  • Two-year warranty
  • Weight – 7 Pounds


  • Safety is the main concern that we look on while buying a saw. SWJ800E comes with a built-in safety switch that prevents any accidental starting.
  • The adjustable length of the pole is the most useful feature in Sun Joe SWJ800E
  • As SWJ800E is made of lightweight fiberglass, it is easy to handle.


  • As this saw works with power, it needs to be corded when operating.
Sun Joe SWJ800E Reviews

It is all about giving you a solid ground with the Sun Joe SWJ800E while you prune and trim the branches high up in the trees. With a reach of nearly 15 ft, you have an undeniable advantage in getting your gardening well under control and the telescopic pole only makes the job that much more accurate and easy.
The motor is quite powerful to handle even the thickest of the branches and the safety switch inbuilt into the system ensures that you stay safe even if you start the motor by mistake. Easily portable, the saw is the best equipment for a smaller garden or a backyard.

3. Remington RM1025P Pole Saw Reviews:


This lightweight and 2-in-1 pole chainsaw, Remington RM1025P is convenient and easy to use a saw. Powerful 8 amp motor along with 10-inch bar and chain works perfectly over small to medium sized branches.

The pole length can be quickly secured with flip and lock capability clamps that come with the product. Hard to reach branches can be brought down quickly at ease with the non-slip grip of Remington RM1025P.

In addition to all these fantastic features, Remington RM1025P does have a 2-year limited warranty.

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Remington RM1025P Features:

  • 10 Inch cutting bar
  • 8 Amp motor
  • 2-in-1 detachable pole saw
  • 10 ft to 15ft overhead reach
  • Easy flip and lock clamps
  • Two-year warranty
  • Weight – 12.4 Pounds


  • Detach the 10-foot telescoping pole saw within minutes to a chainsaw to chop those brought down branches.
  • Remington RM1025P is a reasonably priced best electric pole saw
  • This is a fantastic saw to use for longer time and also to cover a larger area.


  • A well-engineered saw, Remington RM1025P demands extra carefulness when it is fully extended.
  • Since this saw is corded, the coverage area is limited.

Remington RM1025P Reviews:

Another quality product from Remington, this pole saw is easily detached or fixed according to the length you desire. The grip ensures that you have a firm hold on the pole while you are reaching out to the tallest branches high up.

The price is quite reasonable and with the option to detach the pole, you can easily cut down the limbs to smaller pieces using the chain saw alone, after bringing them down.

The electric motor comes with a limited warranty for 2 years and is apt to use for a longer timeframe. It is not a worry to reach for those sturdy branches 10 or 15 ft above anymore.

4. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw Reviews:


Ditch those gas cans and cords behind, this battery operated BLACK+DECKER LPP120 is a reliable pole saw to trim those extra branches within minutes.

Reach up to 14 feet long with those extensions available with the product. 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery guarantees longer lifespan along with better charge retention.

Expect it to do around 100 cuts of 1-1/2-inch pine branches per charge. The 8-inch cutting bar and chain helps you to chop down the branches with a Maximum cutting diameter of 6 inches.

A 2 year limited warranty, a battery and a charger, all comes with the product.

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  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Up to 14ft overhead reach
  • 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery compatible
  • Inline power head
  • Two-year warranty
  • Weight – 6.3 Pounds


  • No cord is attached to this BLACK+DECKER LPP120 and so you can move around easily to trim those high branches.
  • The product is absolutely lightweight and so easy to use.
  • A detailed and easy to understand instructions saves your assembling time.


  • Since it is operated by a battery, it needs a little bit more charging hours.
  • It turns little heavier as you extend the pole so be ready to put some extra strength while chopping those high-end branches.


Powered by a lithium battery, the BLACK + DECKER LPP120 gives you the optimal performance expected out of a battery powered pole saw.

You can easily recharge the battery and once charged you have the power to cut nearly 100 branches of 1-1.5 inches thickness.

The material used in the construction of the pole saw makes it easy to carry around and so if you have a bigger garden, there is no need to look for electric power points or extension cords.

Given their lighter weight, they are also less stressful on your limbs. Unlike its similar counterparts, this pole saw has displayed unmatched performance and cutting power.

5. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Pole Saw Reviews:


GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX is powered with G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System that powers all multiple tools. You can perfectly extend the saw up to 8 feet with the help of 3-piece aluminium shaft. Trimming those extra branches is so easy with 8-Inch bar and chain of this saw.

Have no tension in tightening of the chain since the chain tensioning system is so easy to adjust. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX ensures durability and optimal use with the help of automatic oiler that automatically oils bar and chain when needed.

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GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Features:

  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Up to 8 ft overhead reach
  • Auto oiler
  • Electric Start
  • Four-year warranty
  • Weight – 8.4 Pounds


  • GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX gives you a good feel and balance while chopping those high-end branches with this saw.
  • You can have a check on oil tank without any problem because of its clear view of the translucent tank.
  • Leave the smoke and fumes behind as this product GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX, is completely a battery operated one.


  • GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX is not suitable for horizontal cuts but works great for verticals. Since there is no swivel, this product is not suitable for trimming leafy plants or weeds.
  • Costs more than the regular battery operated saw, it is still worth it.

GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Reviews:

With so many cordless, gas sourced and corded pole saws flooding the market, it is definitely a task to choose the right one. But bear in mind, you need a saw that fits your budget, while giving the optimal power and performance.

And when it comes to the best brands, the name that stands out is that of the GreenWorks. They are among the leading manufacturers and the GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX is a testimony to their quality.

The product has been received with favorable reviews all over and has proved that every claim made by the manufacturer is true.

6. WORX WG309 Pole Saw Reviews:


WORX WG309 chainsaw is unique and multi functional in nature and in fact patented for its auto-tension chain system.

The 8-foot extension pole is an added advantage as it can reach the higher branches without a ladder, detach the pole and chop the fallen limbs in no time.

A consistent performance is guaranteed in this product because of installation of powerful 8 Amp motor. Rotatable working handle helps you to do effective pruning without much strain.

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WORX WG309 Features:

  • 10 Inch cutting bar
  • 8 Amp motor
  • 8 feet extension pole
  • Weight – 10 Pounds


  • WORX WG309 comes with an automatic oiler with window style filler gauge on a side which is handy too.
  • This compact chainsaw is a big hit for its light weight design.
  • WORX WG309 demands less maintenance because of its patented auto tensioning chain system which extends the life of bar and chain.


  • This product WORX WG309, doesn’t come with a bag attachment.
  • It doesn’t come with oil and you need to purchase it separately.

WORX WG309 Reviews:

The specifications list for WORX WG 309 in comparison with its price, definitely raises your eyebrows in pleasant surprise. In line with the modern pole saws, the WORX model is also detachable and works with an electric source.

The detachable option makes it not just a tool for pruning and trimming but also acts as single equipment for chopping the cut down branches too. The weight of the tool is just enough to not stress out your shoulders when you raise them to prune the higher branches.

It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a modern pole saw powered by electricity.

7. BLACK+DECKER LPP120B Pole Saw Reviews:


An excellent pruning tool that can ward off overhead tree branches up to 14 feet high.

BLACK+DECKER LPP120B has been a great tool for pruning taller trees, shrubs, huge branches hanging over garages, fences and other complicated areas where it is tough to reach.

20-volt lithium ion battery system has an increased lifespan and effectively retains a longer charge than NiCd batteries.

Expect up to 100 cuts of 1-1/2-inch pine branches per charge for this great product. 2-year limited warranty comes attached with the product.

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  • 8 Inch cutting bar
  • Up to 14ft overhead reach
  • 20 V Max Lithium Ion battery compatible
  • Weight – 6.3 Pounds
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Energy star rated


  • No gas can or cord is required for your overhead trimming.
  • The effective indication is displayed when the battery is fully charged. The green light stops blinking.
  • You can chop those limbs with a maximum cutting diameter of 6” with its 8” cutting bar and chain.


  • This product doesn’t come with a battery and charger, you need to purchase them separately.
  • Care needs to be taken to properly adjust the chain also to lock it down, before using the saw.


The BLACK + DECKER LPP120B is a cordless pole saw powered by a 20V lithium battery which ensures that you have the best performance with the right amount of power.

It is very easy to work with and hence makes for the ideal solution for those who are looking for a simple to use pole saw. The BLACK + DECKER is a renowned brand in the world of gardening tools and is quite easy to handle even branches with a thickness of 4”-6”.

You need to oil and set the tension but otherwise, the pole saw itself is quite a simple machine to handle.

8. OREGON PS250-A6 Pole Saw Reviews:


OREGON PS250-A6 comes with premium cell technology which withholds constant power. Expect your pole saw to do 500 cuts on 2-3″ branches because of it 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power.

This product has a compact cutting head with 8″ Bar and cast aluminium branch removal hook which efficiently trims the branches.

The major advantage of this products is the extendable fiberglass shaft that allows the tool to get extended from 7’3″ to 10’4″ and providing an approximate reach of 14-15′ which makes this as a best pole saw for money. Battery and the charger come along with the product.

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OREGON PS250-A6 Features:

  • 8 Inch cutting bar
  • Premium cell technology
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 14 – 15ft reach
  • 3-year warranty on tools and 2 years warranty on battery for customer
  • 2-year warranty on tools and 2 years warranty on battery for Professional
  • Weight – 13.5 Pounds


  • OREGON PS250-A6 has an automatic chain oiler that effectively oils the saw for smooth working.
  • Better tool balance is guaranteed along with reduced elevated weight is achieved with a mid-mount motor design.
  • Light weight and low vibration are the highlights of OREGON PS250-A6


  • This pole saw is not for small branches and it is specifically designed for cutting the big diameter limbs.
  • This saw cannot be separated from its pole to allow it to be used in a shorter manner.

OREGON PS250-A6 Reviews:

The OREGON pole saw makes use of the latest technology in cell power ensuring that you have consistent power for an unstopped performance.

The lithium powered battery with a power of 40V with the extendable shaft made of fiber glass makes for the best capacity and lighter weight to carry around.

The chain can be oiled automatically using a push button on the machine and the elevated weight is reduced to give you balanced footing on the ground. If you have higher branches which are quite thick or you have some heavy pruning to do, then this is your natural choice.

9. Trimmerplus PS720 Pole Saw Reviews:


Trimmerplus PS720 comes with an 8-inch bar and chain with an automatic oiler.  The premium 8-inch bar and chain effectively trims the overhead branches.

This Trimmerplus PS720 can be connected to any attachment capable trimmers without the demand for any tool. Backed by 2-year limited warranty, this Trimmerplus PS720 never allows you to use a ladder for trimming the branches on trees.

This pole saw comes with two sections and can be assembled to 7-foot length to 12-foot length. Make your work less tiring and a lot more safer using this great product, Trimmerplus PS720.

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Trimmerplus PS720 Features:

  • 8 Inch cutting bar
  • Up to 12 feet reach
  • Two-years limited warranty
  • Weight – 3.4 Pounds


  • This Trimmerplus PS720 is flexible and gets attached easily to any attachment capable trimmers.
  • Connecting and disconnecting process is pretty easy and you don’t need to waste much of your time in assembling process.
  • You can definitely expect this trimmer to cut the woods up to 16 inches in diameter.


  • Power portion entirely depends on which type of trimmer motor that you are using.
  • Trimmerplus PS720 doesn’t have a detachable shaft.

Trimmerplus PS720 Reviews:

Trimmerplus PS720 is the best choice if you are looking for a pole saw that is performing, powerful and affordable. This is a model powered by gas and is designed to be lighter in your hands so that you hardly notice any stress on your arms and shoulders.

It may not be the best choice for all your trimming needs but yet it will definitely do well for all your basic work in the yard and more. You can reach up to 12 feet with the PS720 and you can use it for smaller gardens and yards.

The varied sections which can be detached along the pole gives you the option to handle pruning for hedges.

10. Husqvarna 128LDX Pole Saw Reviews:


This powerful pole saw Husqvarna 128LDX can help you to tackle the yard work at ease.  It is light weight and reaches up to 9 feet for pruning.

Specially designed 28 cc engine starts instantly for your trimming hedges to clearing those excess branches. Automatic oiling system keeps lubricated so as to let the pole saw do its work smoothly. This multipurpose tool comes with a detachable shaft for easy transport and storage.

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Husqvarna 128LDX Features:

  • Engine – 22 CC
  • 17 Inch cutting width
  • Smart start system
  • Weight – 11 Pounds


  • This product Husqvarna 128LDX, is incredibly versatile since the pole saw can be detached and the motor accepts other attachments of Husqvarna like a trimmer, edger, cultivator, etc.
  • The engine and the starter are designed efficiently that it gets started instantly without struggling. The stop switch automatically resets to “on”.
  • Easy to follow instructions clearly guide on how to assemble and use the product.


  • You need to do a careful alignment and let it warm fully before using it.
  • Husqvarna 128LDX is little heavy in comparison to other gas powered pruners.

Husqvarna 128LDX Review:

A gas powered tool for all your gardening needs, this has a trimmer for branches, hedge trimmer and a cultivator and everything you need to keep your garden glowing.

Even branches with a thickness of 8 inches can be lopped off easily with the Husqvarna 128LDX. The manual provided by the manufacturer gives you the instructions in simple words making the operation smooth for everyone.

Compared to other gas powered saws, these are lighter in weight, highly reliable and very much affordable. There is also a warranty for 2 years, on parts and labor. This is your best bet for an easily affordable, powerful pole saw.

Pole Saw By Types:

Pole saws come in three major types segregated based on their energy source namely, the cordless pole saw, the gas powered pole saw and the electric pole saws.

Each of them has their own pros and cons and are well equipped to handle the job that you want them to do. We will look into them in detail below.

1. Electric pole saw:

As the name suggests, these work with electricity and works best for a smaller garden or backyard. These pole saws make the ideal fit to prune branches that are not easy to do with the manual version and given that they are constantly connected to an electric power point.

These saws generally come with a blade size anywhere between 6” -10” and are much useful when you have to do small trimming on the trees in your yard.

They are quite popular as they have quite a few advantages to their credit compared to the other models. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of an electric pole saw.

1) Light weight and hence easy to move about in your yard.
2) There is no need for battery charging.
3) They operate without any noise.
4) The maintenance requirement is considerably less.
1) Has to stay connected to an electric source at all times and hence not ideal when you have a larger garden.
2) They are not ideal for pruning thicker branches.

2. Cordless pole saw

The name explains how they work. They are pole saws that work without any cord or rather they work on a battery.

The design of these pole saws is quite similar to that of the electric ones but they are not as efficient as them in terms of their performance.

They are convenient and easy to use across any place as there is no need to stay connected to a cord or electric power point. They are also quite affordable comparatively.

So if you are just looking to prune some branches, then these are probably the most effective choice in the market.

1) Since they are lighter in weight, they don’t stress out your muscles.
2) They are quite easy to use and can be used by anyone.
3) They are very quiet and ensure that your gardening is done without much disturbance to others.
1) Their performance level is low and they have limitations on the power due to the battery.
2) You need to keep the battery charged f for an effective performance.

3. Gas Pole Saw:

These are pole saws powered through a gas source and are considered to be the ultimate ones in pole saws for their unmatched power and performance.

With more heavy and sturdy chains and bars, they are equipped to handle branches thicker than the ones the electric pole saws can cut.

They can reach a height of 9 ft, which means you can easily trim even the tallest trees in your backyard from the ground.

These are probably the first choice for anyone who owns a larger garden or an orchard and is most preferred in the professional gardening world.


1) They can be carried around your garden and hence are ideal for larger yards and back gardens.
2) They can cut thicker branches and reach higher than the electric counterparts.
3) They are highly durable and much more powerful.

1) These are heavier than the electric pole saws and hence can be quite stressful on your body.
2) They are very noisy and are quite expensive compared to the electric pole saws.

4. Manual pole saw

If you have a small garden at your place and you want an effective and easy way to keep it trimmed without spending too much, then manual pole saw is your best bet.

As the name suggests, the process is completely manual like using a manual chainsaw, except that it would be mounted on a pole.

It has the pruning saw attached to the length of the pole and it has to be used by the person standing on the ground to trim or prune. Also, these saws come with longer poles effectively reaching higher up in the trees.

1) It can reach to places as high as 20 ft.
2) There is no battery or power required to run the saw making it cost efficient and portable.
3) It is quite easy to clean and maintain and is only dependent on your hands.
1) Since it makes use of your hands as the main operating power, it could be quite tough on your shoulders and arms.

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