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Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews – Ultimate Buyer Guide 2021

Best Cordless Pole Saw 2021:

Looking for means to saw those high and mighty branches in your backyard without endangering yourself? Then you should definitely get your hands on the pole saws which can be used without climbing up a tree and as effectively as a chainsaw.

Again pole saws do come in multiple varieties and are mostly differentiated based on the way they operate- the corded and cordless pole saws.

When you compare both, you would find that the Cordless pole saws are much preferred for they are not impeded by the cords and there is no risk of tangling yourself into the wires. They are equally effective as corded pole saws and are quite beneficial with,

  1. No maintenance requirement apart from sharpening the chain.
  2. The batteries are easily rechargeable.
  3. The battery lasts longer and there is no worry on power cuts.

They are of lightweight and easy to carry around.

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Best Cordless Pole Saw For Money 2021:

Ranking Brand & Model Cutting Bar Overhead Reach Warranty Price
1 Black & Decker LPP120 8 Inch Up to 14 Ft Two year Check Price
2 GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 8 Inch Up to 8 Ft Four year Check Price
3 Black & Decker LPP120B 8 Inch Up to 14 Ft Limited Two year Check Price
4 OREGON PS250-A6 8 Inch 14 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
5 GreenWorks 20302 G-MAX 8 Inch Up to 8 Ft Four year Check Price
6 OREGON PS250-E6 8 Inch 14 Ft to 15 Ft Check Price
7 Ryobi P4360A 8 Inch Up to 9.5 Ft Three year Check Price
8 OREGON PS250 8 Inch 14 Ft to 15 Ft Two year Check Price
9 GreenWorks 20352 8 Inch Up to 8 Ft Two year Check Price
10 Earthwise CPS40108 8 Inch Up to 9 Ft Check Price

List of Best Cordless Pole Saw and its Reviews:

1. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Pruner:

1. Description

Ditch those gas cords and cans behind, this ultimate battery operated BLACK+DECKER LPP120 cordless saw will trim those extra bunch of branches within minutes.
You can easily reach up to 14 feet long with those extensions available with this product. A 20-volt MAX lithium-Ion battery guarantees better charge retention along with longer lifespan along.
The 8-inch cutting chain and bar helps you to cut down the branches with a Maximum cutting diameter of 6 inches. You can expect LPP120 to do around 100 cuts of 1-1/2-inch pine branches per charge.
A 2 year limited warranty, a battery and a charger, all comes with the product.

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  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Up to 14 feet overhead reach
  • 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery compatible
  • Inline power head
  • Two- year warranty
  • Weight – 6.3 Pounds


  • No cord is involved to this BLACK+DECKER LPP120 and so that we can move from one place to another easily to fit those high branches.
  • The product is unconditionally lightweight and very much easy to use.
  • A comprehensive and easy to understand directions will decreases your time for assembling.


  • Mainly it is functioned by a battery, so it wants a bit more charging hours.
  • It is bit heavier, so when you extend the pole, you have to put your extra strength while cutting those high branches.

It is powered by a lithium battery, the BLACK + DECKER LPP120 and it always provides you the best performance, which is expected of a battery powered pole saw.You can effortlessly recharge your battery and once the battery is charged, you do have the power to cut minimum of 100 branches which are of 1-1.5 inches thick.
The materials that are being used in the building phase of the pole saw, makes it so easy to carry in and around the garden space and so if you are having a super big garden, there is no need to search for electric power points.
It’s so lightweight, so it will be very less stressful on your limbs. The main thing with this pole saw is supreme performance and greater cutting power.

2. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Cordless Pole Pruner:


GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX is power-driven with G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System that controls all the tools. We will be able extend the saw up to 8 feet long with the use of 3-piece aluminum shaft. So, in your garden, it will be so easy to slice those big shot branches with 8-Inch bar and chain of this saw.
There is no need of tension in the compression of the chain, why because the chain tensioning system is very much easy to handle. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX guarantees robustness and best use with the help of automatic oiler. The advantage of this oiler is, it automatically oils the bar and chain.

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GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Features:

  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Up to 8 feet overhead reach
  • Auto-oiler
  • Electric Start
  • Four-year warranty
  • Weight – 8.4 Pounds


  • GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX provides you a greater feel and maintains the equilibrium while cutting the branches using this saw.
  • It has a clear view of the luminous tank, so we can have a check on the oil tank without any issues.
  • No harm of smoke and gases, because this product GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX, is operated out of a battery.


  • GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX is not appropriate for horizontal cuts but works good for verticals cuts. There is no swivel, because of this the product will not fit for sizing leafy plants or weeds.
  • This is bit costlier than the normal saw operated by battery, but it is still worthy.
GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX Reviews:

It’s really a big deal to select the right saw available in the market. It’s a tougher task too. So many cordless saws, gas sourced saws and corded pole saws are overflowing in the market. You will always go for the saw that fit in your reasonable price and you can’t compromise on the performance.
Now it’s the time for the great brand, the name that stands out is that of the GreenWorks. The product is a great success and it has been received all favorable reviews all over the places.

3. BLACK+DECKER LPP120B Cordless Pole Pruner:


An amazing trimming tool, it has the capability to handle the tree branches up to 14 – feet high.BLACK+DECKER LPP120B is a great tool for splicing the taller and bigger trees, bushes, large branches dangling over garages, fences and few other difficult areas where it is hard to reach out.
This saw got battery system, made of 20-volt lithium ion, which has an enlarged time span and efficiently recollects a longer charge capacity than NiCad batteries.
Imagine up to 100 cuts of 1-1/2-inch branches from this product. This product comes with 2-year limited warranty.

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  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Up to 14 feet overhead reach
  • 20 V Max Lithium-Ion batteries compatible
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Energy star-rated
  • Weight – 6.3 Pounds


  • For your overhead trimming, no need of gas can or cord.
  • The actual signal is showed when the battery is completely charged. The green light sign will stop blinking.
  • You can cut those limbs with a supreme cutting diameter of 6” with its 8” cutting bar present in this saw.


  • The greater disadvantage is that this product doesn’t come with a battery and charger; you have to shop battery and charger separately.
  • You need to take great care to accurately adjust the chain, before making use of the saw.


This cordless pole saw – BLACK + DECKER LPP120B operated by a 20V lithium battery which guarantees that you have the finest performance with the great amount of power.
It is of great ease to work this with saw and this saw will be the wise choice for those who are seeking for a pole saw, which is so easy and simple to use. The BLACK + DECKER is a well-known brand in the world of gardening tools and is quite easy to handle high-end branches with a thickness range of 4”-6”.
You have to properly oil and adjust the tension, other than that; this pole saw is like cake on the floor, so simple machine to handle.

4. OREGON PS250-A6 Cordless Pole Saw:


OREGON PS250-A6 emanates with best cell technology which provides constant power. This pole saw, will do 500 cuts on 2-3″ branches with its 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power.
This pole saw has a solid cutting head with 8″ Bar. The key benefit of this products is the extendable fiberglass shaft that permits the pole saw to get stretched from 7’3″ to 10’4″ and therefore its provides an estimated reach of 14-15′ which is making this pole saw as a best pole saw, worth your money and also with this pole saw product, you will get battery and the charger.

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OREGON PS250-A6 Features:

  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • Premium cell technology
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 14 feet – 15 feet reach
  • 3-year warranty on tools and 2-years warranty on battery for customer
  • 2-year warranty on tools and 2-years warranty on battery for Professionals
  • Weight – 13.5 Pounds


  • OREGON PS250-A6 has an inborn chain oiler that excellently oils the saw for smooth working of the pole saw.
  • Improved tool equilibrium is sure along with condensed elevated weight is accomplished with a mid-mount motor technology that is being used in this pole saw.
    Light weight of this saw and low vibration are the greater advantage of this pole saw


  • This pole saw is not for fitted for small size branches and it is precisely designed for trimming the big diameter limbs.
  • This pole saw cannot be detached from its poles.

OREGON PS250-A6 Reviews:

The OREGON pole saw is using the latest technology in cell power guaranteeing that you have steady and reliable power for an unblocked performance.

The lithium-powered battery of power of 40V, with the shaft finished of fiber glass for the finest capacity and lighter weight to carry the pole saw.

The chain can be oiled robotically using a push button available on the pole saw and the higher weight is concentrated to give you stable and well-stabbed footing on the ground. If you have huge branches which are dense and thick, then this pole saw will be your natural and best money worthy choice.

5. GreenWorks 20302 G-MAX Battery Powered Pole Saw:


If you are a homeowner who wants a pole saw to help with your occasional trimming and sawing, then you would definitely benefit with this 8 inch cordless pole saw. Greenworks is a known name in the yard tools manufacturing and this 40V model lives up to its expectations certainly.
While many of the Greenworks products come with a brushless motor, this is an exception and the easy to use features make it the right one for your weekend gardening time. With self-oiling chain, this pole saw rarely requires anything in the form of maintenance apart from a little cleaning when you can spare the time.

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GreenWorks 20302 G-MAX Features:

  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • 40V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Electric start
  • Shaft can be extended up to 8 feet
  • Auto oiler
  • 4-year repair warranty
  • Weight – 9.2 Pounds


  • Automatic oil supplier to oil the chain with a reservoir to hold up to 50 ml.
  • Easy to trim branches, thanks to the extendable 8ft shaft.
  • Easily adjustable chain system for a better tension.


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other pole saws.
  • Not cut out for professionals yet.

GreenWorks 20302 G-MAX Reviews:

Whether you are looking to trim your hedges or prune your branches, the Greenworks 20302 G-Max is definitely a good option for homeowners. Be it a smaller lawn or a mid size backyard, this rechargeable battery based pole saw is the complete package.

The larger battery life and the easy to carry weight, makes the Greenworks a positive addition to your yard tools. Except for the fact that you have to spend additionally for the batteries and charger, there is nothing to deter this from being the optimal pole saw for any homeowner.

It may not be the best option for a professional gardener but it is definitely a step in being close to one.

6. OREGON PS250-E6 Cordless Pole Saw:


Trimming the branches is no more a hassles as this popular brand has come to rescue you. This product OREGON PS250-E6 comes as a kit with pole saw, battery pack and a charger, so you don’t need to purchase the accessories separately. The extendable fiberglass shaft allows you to adjust the length of this pole saw.
A compact cutting edge and improved cutting agility are the best parts of this product. 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery can make up to 325 chops on 2-3″ branches. The automatic oiling through the translucent oil tank is the icing on the cake.

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OREGON PS250-E6 Features:

  • 8-inch bar
  • 2.4 Ah Battery Pack
  • Planetary gear reduction system
  • 14 feet – 15 feet reach
  • Premium cell technology
  • Weight – 13.5 Pounds


  • No more sweats as this pole saw is easy to assemble.
  • Even weight distribution because of its mid mount design ensuring a better balance.
  • No cords and no oils, so expect an instant start.


  • This innovative design of back end with the spinning and chainsaw on the front might not be comfortable for first timers.

OREGON PS250-E6 Reviews:
OREGON PS250-E6 is a fantastic pole saw for pruning those unwanted branches. Assembling is so easy that you can start your work quickly. This powerful saw can definitely chop lots of branches in one go. The carry strap that comes attached is handy when the pole if sully extended.
So, if you are doing less pruning then choosing a light weight and cheaper product would be beneficial but for heavy pruning this is the best product.
The pole saw impresses you from the minute you start using it and the additional trigger lock only speaks highly of the company’s mission to keep you safe.

7. Ryobi P4360A Cordless Pole Pruner:


This all new ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Pole Saw will make your pruning job an enjoyable one. If you are looking for a medium pruning and so don’t want to invest much then this Ryobi P4360Ais a wonderful product.
Don’t expect this product as a complete set and you need to purchase charger and battery separately. If you already have Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries, then this product comes handy.
It is lighter and it is safer that you don’t have to use a simple chainsaw, climbing onto a ladder anymore. You can now safely stand on ground as your pole saw does your work comfortably.

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Ryobi P4360A Features:

  • 8-inch bar
  • Extended up to 9.5 feet
  • 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery
  • 3 years warranty
  • Weight –10.7 Pounds


  • Thanks to extension pole that helps you to extend the pole up to 9.5 ft.
  • 3 year warranty is backing this product Ryobi P4360A.


  • Battery and charger are not included and you need to purchase them separately.
  • It works well only for medium duty trimming.

Ryobi P4360A Reviews:

Dump your oil can and use this product to cut those extra limbs with the sharp chain and fully charged battery. Pruning larger oak trees or fruit trees, you can grab this product as it does a fantastic job. It is so easy to adjust blade tension and also to add the bar oil.
Though this product is made of quality materials and is durable, it needs more improvement in grip and trigger system areas as at times you might feel a little awkward while handling. Over all, Ryobi P4360A is a fantastic product that is suitable for medium trimming and a value for money.

8. OREGON PS250 Cordless Pole Saw:


Oregon is a name synonymous with top class quality and they certainly live up to this expectation. It is easy to use this saw and the shoulder strap provided with the package makes for an easy to lift off while you move around in your yard pruning the branches and trimming the hedges.
The 40V battery ensures that you have the ultimate power in your hands as you cut down branches and the lighter weight ensures a better mobility.
The premium cell technology ensures that the battery doesn’t die off any sooner. No more worries on staying close to the electrical outlet or carrying around heavy equipment.

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OREGON PS250 Features:

  • 8-inch bar
  • 40V MAX Lithium- Ion Power
  • Planetary gear reduction system
  • 14 feet – 15 feet reach
  • Premium cell-technology
  • Weight – 10.8 Pounds


  • Better cutting agility and a better line of sight for cutting precisely.
  • Balanced, light weight, fiber glass construction for a better sturdy build.
  • Lower vibration and hence no noise to deal with.


  • Not easy to find unless you get this product from authorized dealers.
  • Slightly priced higher.

OREGON PS250 Reviews:

If you are looking for the perfect blend of quality and power, then Oregon PS250 is definitely your choice. Yes, it does take some time to find one and it is priced slightly higher, but they are definitely better than spending more on multiple cheaper ones.
Also there is no fuel issue to deal with nor is there any issue of tangling with wires as you work around. In fact with the 40V option the pole saw is even ideal for professional and commercial uses.
With a slightly higher rate, you can get a quality product that is highly reliable and provides you ultimate power

9. GreenWorks 20352 Battery Powered Pole Saw:


If you want maximum output with minimal effort while you are cutting down that uneven branches or trimming the hedges, then your choice should inevitably be GreenWorks 20352.
The battery with a 24V power is easily rechargeable and provides you maximum running time compared to the multiple other products of similar caliber. An 8 inch long chain which can be easily adjusted to provide you the tension that you need while working in your lawn or backyard.
The 3 position aluminum shaft provides you with the necessary reach up to 8 ft above your head. And the light weight makes them easy to carry around.

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GreenWorks 20352 Features and Reviews:

  • 8-inch chain and bar
  • 24V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Electric start
  • Shaft can be extended up to 8 feet
  • Automatic oiler
  • 4-year warranty
  • 2-year warranty for batteries
  • Weight – 10.5 Pounds


  • Lithium ion battery to provide you with maximum power and longer running time.
  • Automatic oiler ensuring a longer durability of the chain.
  • Easy adjustment of the chain tension.


  • Lack of required power for a professional gardening is the only drawback.

GreenWorks 20352 Reviews:

Now you can easily trim off those high above branches and is quite environment friendly too. The use of the lithium powered battery ensures that you have a better running time and the light weight ensures that you don’t stress out your arms and shoulders while doing your work.
There is a lock off system to ensure that the switch doesn’t go on without your knowledge and the automatic oiler helps to keep the chain efficient for a longer period.
With absolutely no cost on maintenance, this definitely makes up for a good addition to your gardening tool box.

10. Earthwise CPS40108 Cordless Pole Pruner:


An easy to use polesaw, this comes with a chargeable battery and can easily cut through branches of 6 inches thickness. The bar extends up to 8” which makes it quite good for pruning some of the higher branches in your lawn.
While it may not be as light in weight as some of its counterparts, it still makes up for a very good pole saw of its stature for it offers easy maintenance.
The chain is self oiled and all you need to do is ensure that the oil reservoir is always stocked up periodically. Priced averagely this is definitely a good value for money.

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Earthwise CPS40108 Features:

  • 8-inch chain and bar
  • Automatic chain and bar oiling
  • 9 feet extended reach
  • 18 volt
  • Weight – 12 Pounds


  • Easy to monitor translucent oil reservoir.
  • Affordable compared to other pole saws offering the same features.
  • The battery can recharge very fast relatively.


  • The battery used is that of NiCad which means that it has a lower run time.
  • The user manual is not precise

Earthwise CPS40108 Review:

Except for the fact that the pole saw makes use of the NiCad instead of the Lithium ion normally used by other pole saws, there isn’t really any drawback to this tool.
Yes, it tends to be slightly heavier but nevertheless it doesn’t put a strain on your shoulders or arms. If you are looking to prune or cut down branches of a handful number of trees at one time, then this is probably a better choice for the cost is also quite affordable.
But if you are looking forward to do some professional cutting and pruning then you may want to look at other alternatives.

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