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Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews – Ultimate Buyer Guide 2021

Best Manual Pole Saw 2021:

Pole saws have been quite handy and easy to prune those higher branches without having to jeopardize your safety. Pole saw, in simple words, is a chain saw fixated to a pole so that you can reach higher up, standing on firm ground.

There are two major classifications of pole saw that you will find in the market, the first one being the manual ones and the second ones being those which are operated on battery or some other form of electric power. So how to choose a best manual pole saw?

Of the two different models of pole saws, the manual pole saws are a much better choice for use in your garden, for,

  1. They are of lighter weight with no motor or any cords weighing them down.
  2. They are easy to handle given their lighter make.
  3. You will not be plagued with sore back problems for these are available in longer lengths.

Here is the List of 10 Best Pole Saw available in market

Best Manual Pole Saw For Money 2021:

Ranking Brand & Model Overhead Reach Warranty Price
1 Fiskars 92406935K 7.9 Ft to 12 Ft Lifetime Check Price
2 Corona TP 6850 Up to 14 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
3 Silky 372-42 Up to 20 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
4 Gilmour 20-18 NA Lifetime Check Price
5 Silky 179-39 Up to 21 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
6 Fiskars 93016059J Up to 14 Ft Lifetime Check Price
7 Fiskars 91546935J NA Lifetime Check Price
8 Silky Saws Katanaboy NA Limited Lifetime Check Price
9 Silky 272-18 7.7 Ft to 13 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
10 ARS LA-180ZR203 4Ft to 7 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price

List of Best Manual Pole Saw and its Reviews:

1. Fiskars 92406935K Stik Pruner:

The Fiskars manual pole saw features a lopper design with a rotating head and a saw that is apt for cutting
down branches without losing your safety ground. It is as conventional a pole saw you can get, being lighter in weight and easy in implementation.
Given that there is no maintenance or limitations to this portable chain saw, this can be extended up to 12 ft. The pole saw is easy to use and control even you extend it to its full potential /length. The Fiskars Stik Pruner also comes with an affordable price tag and is easy to handle through denser and higher branches.

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Fiskars 92406935K Features:

  1. 7.9 – 12 Foot Extendable
  2. 1 – 1/4 inch diameter Cutting Capacity
  3. Cutting head rotates up to 230-degrees
  4. 15 Inch saw blade
  5. Lifetime Warranty
  6. Weight – 4.3 pounds


  1. Absence of rope makes it easy to carry the pruner around your backyard.
  2. Made of fiberglass accounting for light weight.
  3. Can cut branches of 1-2 inches thick with ease.


  1. Weight distribution is not even and can cause the line to jam.
  2. The saw blade replacement is not easily available.

Fiskars 92406935K Reviews:

The Fiskars 92406935K Stik Pruner with a light weight long pole helps you to reach higher branches without much hassle. The extendable pole allows you to decide on the length that you want and helps you to manage pruning at any length without stressing yourself physically.
The pole saw is designed to allow you to handle even the tightest spots or dense bushes with ease. The absence of the cord allows for both hand access and the handle is firm enough to provide a sturdy grip. The head can rotate up to 230 degrees letting you to mill and cut even when it is tough.

2. Corona TP 6850 Compound Action Tree Pruner:

Corona TP 6850 has a pruning head made of zinc alloy which can extend up to 14 ft and can
easily cut branches of 1.25 inches thick. Your cutting power is maximized thanks to the heavy duty chain and compound action pulley and this Corona Pruner is the optimal choice for pruning orchards.
The steel blade is coated with Teflon ensuring a longer lifetime. The fiberglass construction makes way for a lightweight pole saw and the pole can be easily adjusted according to your requirements using the simple twist and lock system. With a limited warranty for lifetime, this is probably the right pruner for your backyard or garden.

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Corona TP 6850 Features:

  1. 14 Foot Extendable
  2. 1.25 Inch Cutting Capacity
  3. 24 Inch foam grip
  4. 13 Inch Conventional saw
  5. Lifetime Warranty
  6. Weight – 5.6 pounds


  1. Lighter in weight and is quite easy to use.
  2. The grip is constructed of a sturdy body with a foam wrap to give you a better grip.
  3. A combination of bypass pruning and sawing in one piece.


  1. The added weight of the overhead might cause slight strain for some.
  2. You can only reach out in the horizontal direction.

Corona TP 6850 Reviews:

The Corona TP 6850 is the much preferred pruner for orchards for it can reach up to 14 ft and the compound pulley only magnifies the power of the saw at the end. The grip is more powerful for it is covered with the foam material and the fiberglass make ensures that the pole while sturdy is also lighter in weight.
The pole saw comes with a razor tooth blade that can saw through branches of 1.25 inches thick without any hassle. The blade is further more plated in chrome to provide a better efficiency and a lesser friction while you work on your garden.

3. Silky Hayate 372-42 Manual Pole Saw:

Touted to be one of the best manual pole saws in the market Silk Hayate 372-42, is a heavy duty state of the art telescopic pole saw. This is a pole saw that is much preferred by professional gardeners and features an
extension pole in shape of an oval.
This unique oval shape ensures that the direction of the blade is controlled precisely to provide you exactly what you desire. There is also an option to replace the blade with a lower sickle if you are just looking to undercut the bark or use it on smaller branches.

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Silky Hayate 372-42 Features:

  • Silky 372-42 Spec:
  • 20 Foot Extendable
  • 7.9 – 30 Feet Reach
  • 16-21 Inch curved blade
  • Maximum Reach 25 Feet
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight: 8.7 pounds


  1. The blade is equipped with four different cutting angles ensuring an efficient cutting action.
  2. Ideal for pruning larger branches high up in the tree.
  3. Strongest telescopic pole saw to help with your gardening.


  1. The cost of the pole saw is slightly on the higher side.
  2. If you don’t have extra high and thick branches then this may not be the ideal choice.

Silky Hayate 372-42 Reviews:

The Silk Hayate is a robust manual pole saw with a stronger and much durable pole than any in the market. There will be absolutely no noise to worry about as you work with this pole saw in the garden. With no battery power or cord limitations, there is nothing but your stamina to limit your work time.
The pole is quite lighter in weight enabling easy portability and can easily extend high up to 20 ft.  The saw blades with their unique four angle cutting function and razor sharp teeth ensure cutting is done very fast and smooth even if the branch is of 8” in thickness.

4. Gilmour 20-18 Manual Pole Saw:

The Gilmour pole saw comes equipped with a cast aluminum saw head and a handle made of fiberglass. It
is very lighter in weight thanks to the fiber glass and the curved saw blade of 16” ensures a better precision in cutting.
The pole saw is made to be quite solid and sturdy and with its many features is definitely ranked among the top pole saws in the market.
The pole is extendable with the three separated 6ft poles which ensures that you can adjust the height as you want whether for lawn work or for gardening in your backyard.

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Gilmour 20-18 Features:

  1. 16 Inch Curved Blade
  2. 1 – 1/4 Inch Diameter octagonal poles
  3. Aluminum saw head
  4. Lifetime Warranty
  5. Weight: 9.2 pounds


  1. The fiberglass and the aluminum blade makes for a sturdy but lighter built.
  2. Comes with a hook to pull down the cut branches from up.
  3. Best for commercial purposes and recommended by utility companies.


  1. The assembly requires you to drill holes into the pole to attach the saw.
  2. There is no sniper or a lopper, you have to buy them separately.

Gilmour 20-18 Reviews:

Are you looking for a pole trimmer which is solid and light and which can reach the maximum height, then Gilmour 20-18 is your most obvious choice. It does require some assembly and drilling but once assembled, they can make the best professional gardening tool you will ever have.
Given that this is strong and can reach up to 18ft, and owing to its ability to cut through thick branches they are much preferred by many people, especially by the utility companies. The blade comes with a nonstick coating and hence is easier to clean even when coated with the resin from the trees.

5. Silky Hayauchi 179-39 Manual Pole Pruner:

With the Silky Hayauchi 179-39, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a manual pole saw and more. The pole saw comes with two bolts that you need to assemble by connecting the pole and the saw to each
other. The pole saw comes with three attachable extensions which when connected can help you reach a height of nearly 20.7 ft.
So you have the option to reach a height of 24 ft with this pole saw and cut /prune even the highest branches in your backyard. The double locking system based on which the extensions connect to each other.

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Silky Hayauchi 179-39 Features:

  1. 8 – 21 Foot extendable
  2. 15.4 Inch blade
  3. 7.7 Inch cutting capacity
  4. Lifetime Warranty
  5. Weight: 7.4 pounds


  1. Gives you a better reach and a much higher reach of 24 ft.
  2. Adjustable blade angle for a better cutting experience.
  3. Oval poles to provide more flexibility and a better torque.


  1. The pole saw is slightly expensive in cost.
  2. May not be a good choice for professional pruning or regular use as the pole might wobble.

Silky Hayauchi Reviews:

Reaching for tall branches has never been so easy, thanks to the Silky Hayauchi and the poles are shaped in such a way that it provides you more strength from the ground. The blade makes use of the Japanese technology of 4 angle cutting and it also comes equipped with a blade case to keep it safe and clean.
Easily adjustable blades and the easy availability of their replacements make this product an obvious choice if you are a regular pruner of your garden. Don’t force the limb too much and let the force of gravity and weight do the work for you.

6. Fiskars 93016059J Manual Pole Saw:

A powerful combination of a saw and a pruner, the Fiskars 93016059J is a 14 ft pole saw most suited for
many different gardens. The pole saw is of the right height to give you the required length to reach the high branches in a home garden and to do most of your pruning work.
The pole saw makes use of fiberglass which gives a sturdy yet lighter build to it. The pole saw makes use of plastic connectors to adjust the length and is quite easy to operate. Whether you operate it at full length or at the lowest length, it gives you the optimal working efficiency you would want from a pole saw.

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Fiskars 93016059J Features

  1. 14 Feet extendable reach
  2. 15 inch saw blade
  3. 1 – 1/8 Inch diameter cutting capacity
  4. Lifetime Warranty
  5. Weight: 5 pounds


  1. Comes with two cutting options – a lopper for small branches and a blade for larger branches.
  2. Sharper saw makes even a branch of 5” thickness easy to cut.
  3. Easily adjustable blade angle to make cutting efficient.


  1. Assembly instructions can be a bit clearer.
  2. The pole saw is not very sturdy but might wobble at its full length.

Fiskars 93016059J Reviews:

Apart from a few users who struggle to assemble the pole saw, this Fiskars model is definitely a good one to get for all your gardening necessities. The sturdy fiberglass model comes with an efficient telescopic mechanism and adjustable length making it easy to cut even the highest of the branches at 18-20 ft height.
You don’t need to exert a lot of force in operating this pole saw and if required you can remove the blade while using the lopper for better execution. The pole saw is priced reasonably, and is definitely a good choice to those who are looking for a gardening tool for occasional pruning.

7. Fiskars 91546935J Manual Pole Pruner:

Another quality product from Fiskars, this is a bypass lopper that imbibes the patented gear technology from PowerGear to provide you with 3X times more power while cutting tree branches. The lopper is
designed to handle even those branches which the conventional loppers might find hard to cut through.
These powerful loppers can easily cut through branches of 2” thickness and with the aluminum shaft they are the lightest loppers you can get in the market. Your arms are definitely not going to feel the strain while using these loppers. The nonstick coating on the blades ensures an easy to clean and maintain facility.

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Fiskars 91546935J Features

  1. 2 Inch diameter cutting capacity
  2. Aluminum handles
  3. Lifetime warranty
  4. Weight: 2.8 pounds


  1. The technology of Powergear for an improved cutting power.
  2. Provides you a better leverage on longer handles.
  3. You don’t feel tired working with these lightweight loppers.


  1. They are much destined for casual use and not for tough gardening.
  2. Working on tight spaces might be a crunch.

Fiskars 91546935J Reviews:

If you are an occasional gardener, who wants to prune a few shrubs or branches in your front yard or back garden, then Fiskars PowerGear bypass Loppers Fiskars 91516935J can be your first choice. They are made of aluminum shaft which takes away the weight and ensures that you don’t strain your shoulders or arms while using the lopper. The lopper is quite easy to use and is definitely one of the most affordable pole saws of today.
However, customer reviews do state that the pole saw is better off doing casual pruning jobs than for serious gardening. Decide the purchase based on your requirement.

8. Silky KatanaBoy Manual Pole Pruner:

Well used by arborists as a worthy replacement for chain saw, they provide you a speed that is unheard of
in cutting branches. Katana by definition refers to the swords used by the Samurai, which is curved and has a single edge to it. The KatanaBoy from Silky is one of its kinds of two handed folding saws.
The saw comes with a grip that doesn’t slip easily, rubberized for a better friction. The blade is of 19” in length and is impulse hardened, meaning that it doesn’t wear down easily. These saws come with the features that can give any hard chainsaw run for their money.

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Silky KatanaBoy Features

  1. 19.8 Inch blade
  2. 10 Inch cutting capacity
  3. Lifetime warranty
  4. Weight: 2 pounds


  1. Hardly any effort involved in handling larger trunks and limbs.
  2. A comfortable grip guaranteed with the rubberized non-slip grip.
  3. Can easily cut larger timber and large size trunks from any tree with ease.


  1. Might be a little expensive for a two handed saw if you are not a serious arborist.
  2. The blade takes a little extra in terms of maintenance.

Silky KatanaBoy Reviews:

If you are looking for superior strength, exceptional quality, reliable manufacturer, then Silky KatanaBoy is your easy solution. They are the best equipped to use even in the extreme conditions and they make cutting even the largest timber like a walk in the park.
They are easy to carry and are allowed even in trails that do not allow chain saw. Some people may find it expensive but they are worth every penny you are spending on. The product is accompanied with a nylon shoulder bay fastened with a Velcro and a pocket to keep the replacement blades handy when traveling.

9. Silky Zubat 272-18 Manual Pole Saw:

The Silky Zubat makes use of the smart and smooth cutting patented technology of the company and the aluminum oval shaped poles ensure a better precision in cutting the tree limbs. The grip is rubberized and has a
shock absorber in the end to provide you the much needed non-slip hold on the pole saw.
The blade is impulse hardened meaning that it can work its magic even on the toughest and thickest of the branches. The pole saw comes with two different locking mechanisms, the friction clamps and the primary pole lock to give you the necessary rigidity while cutting a tree.

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Silky Zubat 272-18 Features:

  1. 7.7 to 13 Feet extendable reach
  2. 13 Inch blade length
  3. 13 Inch curved blade
  4. Limited lifetime warranty
  5. Weight: 3.4 pounds


  1. Easy to adjust to multiple lengths thanks to the spring loaded locking buttons.
  2. Dual locking system to ensure optimal efficiency on the blade.
  3. Can be used for pruning, lawning, trimming, and more.


  1. The instruction to use is not very clear according to certain customers.
  2. If you are keen on appearances, then you may not find it very pleasing.

Silky Zubat 272-18 Reviews:

The pole saw comes with one extension allowing you to go up to 13 ft on the pole alone. The pole saw comes with a dual locking system that allows you to have a stronger build and a firmer cutting experience. It is quite easy to use if you have been using pole saws and is much preferred on trails where the chain saw is generally not allowed.
You can easily prune branches of 6” and less and you wouldn’t feel any effort while cutting through hard woods either. The pole saw might sound a bit overpriced for some but the efficiency with which it cuts through tree limbs are definitely worth the money spent on it.

10. ARS LA-180ZR203 Manual Pole Saw:

These are the best equipped pole saws to help you with small tree trimming. They are lighter in weight and the straight blade with tri-edge aims for a precise cut and trim on your tree line. If your garden boasts of flowering
trees, then you would find this pole saw to be of utmost help.
The grip is ergonomically designed to give you a better reach while not stressing out your muscles on arms and shoulders. The design on the blades is drop forged to ensure a longer lifetime and to give you a better leverage on cutting. You can adjust the telescopic pole from 4ft to 7ft as per requirement.

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ARS LA-180ZR203 Features

  1. 4 to 7 Feet extendable reach
  2. Single level operation
  3. Limited lifetime warranty
  4. Weight: 2.2 pounds


  1. The pole saw comes with an adjustable pruning head to give you a better performance.
  2. Single lever operation which is easy to use for anyone.
  3. Telescoping handle adjustable to give you a better sight of the branch to cut.


  1. Working on dead wood could be a challenge as the blades might jam.
  2. Higher cost owing to the complexities involved in the design.

ARS LA-180ZR203 Reviews:

ARS LA is definitely a product where you get what you see and what you pay for. It is definitely worth the money you pay, even though it is on the higher side. If you have lot of flowering trees then pruning them to keep them blooming every season is absolutely necessary and this tool helps you deal with it professionally.
The rotating head ensures a better adjustment on the angle of the blade and the telescopic adjustments give way for a better view while cutting. The design is ergonomic in nature keeping the user’s comfort in mind and the handles or other adjustments are quite easy to handle for anyone.

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